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Amazon, just like the University of Toronto’s Academic Bridging program, gave me the opportunity I needed to prove myself. Because of them, a runaway who had to sleep in a shopping cart at sixteen, a high-school dropout with seemingly no prospects, went on to live in the best city in the world, meet the best woman in the world and marry her, attain two degrees from one of the top forty universities in the world, before achieving his dream of being a full-time author and having one of the best-selling science fiction series in the world. Click here to learn more.

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post-human series

I collected the Post-Human Series into this volume so that I could give readers a little more bang for their buck. Reading the books in this volume is the cheapest way for new readers to access the series.


Post-Human was published in 2009, followed by Trans-Human in 2011. It caught fire in February of 2012 when the ebook revolution was at its height. The enthusiasm of readers catapulted me from being a part-time "weekend" writer to becoming a full-time author. It changed my life and I owe it all to reader support. I added two more books, Sub-Human in 2012 and Human Plus in 2013. These two volumes contain the four books in their entirety.


The Post-Human Series has been referred to as the "Human Series" by some reviewers and I can certainly understand why. At its heart, it is about the human condition in a future that will come. While no one can say exactly what form it will take, strong artificial intelligence, major breakthroughs in genetics, the emergence of nanotechnology, and our ability to eventually make ourselves immortal are all eventualities that, barring an extinction event, are on the horizon for this century. Post-Human takes us on a tour of the pleasures and pains of what will be the most turbulent time in the history of our species. It will at once entertain you and make you think. What is to come indeed? Welcome to the Post-Human era.

post-human series



Fast-paced, full of twists, and starring an irresistible collection of characters, this volume imagines the future of humanity, including the extraordinary benefits — and profound dangers — of artificial intelligence

Witness the origins of the Post-Human series in this gripping sci-fi thriller, in which the world is just starting to battle Artificial Intelligence, and a young doctor becomes a heroic suborbital paratrooper.

In a post-apocalyptic world, can the only five remaining humans survive? Fast-paced and thoughtful — this addictive novel will have you questioning your relationship with machines…


human plus


In this sequel to Post-Human, humanity will be forced to face a future more advanced than it could have imagined if it wants to survive. Nineteen months have passed since the A.I. turned against humanity and was subsequently destroyed.

 James, Old-timer, Thel, and the A.I. are all back for the most shocking part of the Post-Human series yet. No matter what you thought was coming next, you’re wrong! Get ready for surprises like only the Post-Human series can deliver!

Human Plus is Book 4 in the smash hit science fiction series. Not exactly a sequel, not exactly a prequel, Human Plus will defy expectations. No matter what you thought was coming next, you're in for a surprise!

Horror novel the god killers

In this edgy thriller, a creature pretending to be God tricks dying people with a heavenly white light — only to consume their souls forever. But Cipher, Han, Natalie, and Father Hurley know the truth — can they save humanity from its terrifying fate?

Horror Novel

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