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The invention of the ebook, just like the University of Toronto's Academic Bridging program, gave me the opportunity I needed to prove myself. Because of them, a runaway who had to sleep in a shopping cart at sixteen, a high-school dropout with seemingly no prospects, went on to live in the best city in the world, meet the best woman in the world and marry her, attain two degrees from one of the top forty universities in the world, before achieving his dream of being a full-time author and having one of the best-selling science fiction series in the world. The success of the series has also allowed me to adapt the novels for film, as I directed a proof-of-concept short film that landed me in Filmmaker Magazine, amongst many other places, and allowed me to use my understanding of the exponential improvements in information technology to fully film a feature movie using the latest, cheap and powerful camera technologies, and to film it almost entirely with only the help of my wife. And the success of the books have also given me the opportunity to become a TEDx speaker, speaking on the incredible potential and existential risk of post-humanity and superhuman artificial intelligence. I couldn't be more grateful to my readers and fans of the series! In the immortal words of Kanye West: “I have a dope life and I do dope shit!”

David Simpson

Director, Author, TEDx Speaker, Actor, Futurist